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Dometic VH12 Vacuum Flush Toilet

Dometic VH12 Vacuum Flush Toilet


The VHT12 is easy to install to small boats and RV's / caravans

Comes with:

  • Available in 12 volts

  • Vacuum pump pre-wire

  • Wiring loom and control panel

  • Discharge pump

  • Odour Filter

Easy connection to toilet. Can be installed up to 20 feet (6.1 meters) from the toilet using 1-1/2 (38mm) sanitation hose.

VacuFlush systems use a small amount of water (one pint to one quart) and the vacuum that is generated by the vacuum pump to flush. Each toilet must be connected to a pressurised water system. Fresh water is recommended and will result in an odour-free bathroom.
If seawater is used, the water should be filtered.
No complicated user instructions are required. Lifting the flush lever adds water to the bowl. Pressing the flush lever (or pulling the flush lever on a 106 toilet) opens a mechanical seal that allows the vacuum force to pull the waste from the bowl as clean water rinses the bowl. The vacuum moves the waste (at approximately 7 feet [2.1 m] per second) through a one-inch opening in the toilet base.
Incoming air fragments the waste as it passes through the base opening. This process eliminates the need for macerators or mechanical motors in the toilet base.
Next, the waste is transferred into the Vacuum Holding Tank (VHT). System vacuum is monitored by a vacuum switch that is located on the outside of the VHT. When the switch senses a drop in vacuum in the system, it automatically signals the pump to energize and bring the
vacuum back to operating level. This process is normally completed in about one minute. In a properly operating system, the stored vacuum will
“leak” down between flushes, causing the vacuum pump to run for a short period. The pump should not run more than once every three (3) hours after the last flush.
An “On-Off” night switch can be installed to silence the vacuum pump during sleeping hours. The VacuFlush Status Panel, an optional accessory, features an integral circuit breaker that provides a convenient night switch.

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