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Dometic Vacu Flush 5000

Dometic Vacu Flush 5000


The clean, odour-free performance of Dometic’s 5000 series toilets is the result of freshwater flushing, instantaneous evacuation of bowl contents, and thorough rinsing action. Using only 0.13 US gal. (0.4 litre) per flush, 5000 series toilets greatly extend the use of a holding tank between pump-outs as compared to manual and other electric toilets which consume three or four times more water. An integral water-line check valve provides anti-syphon protection for freshwater systems. Available in three heights, the 5000 series will accommodate diverse floor plans, including placement on raised platforms. Shallow front-to-back footprint dimensions allow boat owners fit one in virtually any space. All three sizes are available in sparkling white and bone colours.

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