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VHT12 Vacuum holding tank



VHT12 Vacuum Holding tank

For performance boats and other trailerable boats with space too limited for typical marine toilet systems, VacuFlush VHT vacuum holding tank systems make it easy to install a complete VacuFlush toilet system on boats from 19 ft. (5.8 m) to 26 ft. (8 m) in length. VHT tank models integrate a vacuum pump, vacuum reservoir and waste holding tank into one easy to install unit. Compact in size, these VHT units deliver all the benefits of larger VacuFlush systems, providing a waste tank with as much flushing capacity as holding tanks that are sized for much larger boats.


  • 6.5-gal (25 l) VHT waste capacity holds as many flushes as 17-gal. (64 l) tank with standard marine toilet

  • Corrosion-proof, leak-proof, odor-proof – high-density polyethylene construction

  • Includes “full tank” level sensor (standard): VHT12 with “3/4 full” sensor option available 

  • Auto “full tank” shutdown to toilet system prevents tank overfill

  • Easy to plumb and install – no solvent-bond connection required