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Dockside discharge unit

We have developed Australia’s own Dockside Discharge Unit to assist boaters in removing their sewage waste easily, quickly and mess free.

Discharge Unit’s have been installed at marina’s all around Australia and with simple, easy to use functionality they are fast becoming the first choice for the Marine industry.

Operating the DDU (Dockside Discharge Unit) is as easy as docking your boat alongside the pump, connecting the hose and turning on the pump. The pump out process takes only minutes.


Environmental Benefits

The discharge of sewage from vessels into our waterways contributes to reduced water quality, poses health risks and decreases visual aesthetics of waterways. Environmental protection laws continue to be introduced throughout Australia to prevent the discharge of raw human sewage into the sea, waterways, rivers and lakes. Through most of Australia it is now law for the operator of any commercial marina to provide adequate and readily accessible waste collection facilities for use by all vessels. If this is not already in force where you operate it will be soon.

As a result of continued legislation changes, the increased demand for sewage collection facilities coupled with the rising volume of waste for disposal, has led to the development of the ‘Heavy Duty’ Dockside Discharge Unit. The Heavy Duty Pump can easily empty up to a 600 litre holding tank in only three minutes, giving it enough power and speed to cater for a variety of vessels, and remain efficient during peak periods. Ensuring that adequate waste disposal facilities are available for all vessels will not only protect marina operators from hefty fines, but will also help preserve our waterways for the future.


  • Marine grade 316 stainless steel cabinet with powder coated white finish.

  • Base area less than 0.3 of a square metre.

  • Lockable access door.

  • Size 900 mm wide x 400mm deep x 900mm high.


  • These pumps are designed for long, trouble free service in many fields such as light industrial, domestic and agricultural. Their application include wine and beverage, filling machines, weak acid and alkali transfer, sump duties, septic and sullage disposal, brine injection, spear point, domestic water supply, garden reticulation and the like.


    • Explosion proof motors for installations in close proximity to petrol or LPG dispensing units.


  • Connect suction hose to waste deck plate of vessel using camlock provided.

  • Open ball valve at end of suction hose.

  • Switch to ‘ON’ position pump will operate for 3 minutes pumping approximately 200 litres.  (Typical holding tank capacity for recreational boats. Minimum size holding tanks likely to be 70 litres).

  • When suction pump stops, close ball valve, remove hose and return to cabinet.


  • Install the unit in a convenient position for both accesses for boats and connection to sewer.

  • Connect unit to sewer via:

  • up to 10 metres using 50mm pipe

  • up to 20 metres using 60mm pipe

  • up to 30 metres using 75mm pipe

  • up to 40 metres using 90mm pipe

  • over 40 metres using 100mm pipe

  • Contact your local sewerage authority for local requirements.

  • Shipping weight is 96kg, dry.

  • Advice and assistance on installation available.

Wiring diagrams provided.