Marsan Odour filter Instructions

The Marsan Odour Filter is easy to install to all holding tank applications for marine and RV’s

There are a couple of different installation ways that odour filter may be fitted to a holding tank.

Option 1 – Odour filter inline with breather hose

1. Select location to install filter ABOVE WASTE TANK.
(Filter must be higher than the top of tank)
2. Remove caps from both ends of the filter.
3. Install mounting brackets using the screws supplied
and clip filter into position.
4. Install hose from vent and through hull vent fitting.
5. Fill in replacement date on filter.(12 months from installation)


Option 2 – Odour filter fitted directly to the waste tank (Not Recommended)

  1. Insert 5/8 (16mm)  hose tail into rudder seal in top of tank.
  2. Place breather hose onto hose tail at the other end of the filter.

Caution: Make sure not to over fill the waste tank, as this will water log the filter and the filter will no longer work. Replace the odour filter it get wet.





Time to replace your filter!